If your phone system has come to the end of its life, is no longer expandable or you would just like to modernise your telecoms infrastructure, we have a solution for you. Our platform will bring your phone system into the 21st century. With many features designed to make collaboration easier, such as instant messaging, conference calling and a central address book to name a few. We have a "no hidden extras" policy which means that everything that we demonstrate is included in the price. Most users will see a cost saving compared to their current setup and all implementation and maintenance is performed by us.

Please see a small selection of the features included, but to fully appreciate the platform, give us a call to arrange a demonstration.


Auto Attendant & Hunt Groups

Have customers greeted by an automated receptionist asking which department they would like to be put through to. This ensures that the call reaches the right people and does not waste your staff's time answering calls that are not for their department.

On Hold Music & Announcements

Whilst the caller is on hold, you can have music playing or an infomercial about your company. If you'd like, you can also have your callers hear automated  announcements before they are put through to the relevant party.

Call Recording

All calls are recorded and kept for 30 days. During this time, you can listen to the recording and if it is important, you can download the file and keep it for future reference. If you need to keep recordings for longer, this is also available at an additional cost.

Voicemail & Answering Machine

Every user can have their own voicemail. Once a message is left, as well as being able to listen to it on your phone, you can also listen to it through the softphone and have it sent to your email address. You can also have a company answering machine to collect messages out of hours.

Multi-Site & Home Workers

If you have multiple offices or home workers, your system can be configured to see the phones at the remote sites as a local extension. This enables you to use that extension like any other in the office. You can transfer calls to and from it and when you dial out from that extension, it can show your main office number, even if it is located on the other side of the world.

Call Redirection

If you cannot get into the office, for whatever reason, be it bad weather or if you are sick but you still want to receive your calls, you can quickly divert them to any other number such as a home phone line or mobile. With the call redirection feature, you need never miss a call.

Instant Messaging & Presence Lists

With presence lists, you can see at a glance which colleagues are present, who is currently engaged and who does not want to be disturbed. You can seamlessly send instant messages and share files to colleagues using the softphone software. All of this is logged for you to refer back to if needed.

Mutli-Platform System

With our phone system, you can either use a desk phone, a head set and softphone software installed on your computer, your mobile through an app or a mixture of all of the above, depending on your preference. This flexibility is key in allowing you to work in a manner that is convenient to you.