Complete Site Setup

With extensive experience in the field, we know what is needed to completely setup a modern office. We can procure, install and configure all the IT equipment and infrastructure for your new business. We can provide you a comprehensive service which will include ongoing support, allowing you peace of mind that all IT related issues will be resolved as though you had your own IT department.

Below are a few of the key setup points we provide. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and see how we can help you.

Key Setup Points

Cabling & Network Setup

CAT6 & 7 cabling, with network points located around the premises, routed back to a central location where they are inter-connected to the rest of the network. We will install all of the network related hardware in this location such as routers, switches etc.

Broadband Connectivity

Installation and configuration of broadband connections and wireless access throughout the whole building. Multiple site connections via VPN and depending on your location, we have different connection methods to ensure the fastest speeds for your specific needs.


Setup of a complete new phone system. We can supply you with new phone numbers or use your existing ones, should you already have them. Multiple sites and home workers can also be configured, and additions can be added at any time.

Computers, Servers & Printers

Desktop computers are built to your requirements and installed with all the various peripherals such as Network storage, printers, document scanners, servers etc. All are setup and configured as necessary including software installation.